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- Positive Vibe Studio -

      Our studio started as inspiration for my daughter, Ella. Her mother struggles with heroin addiction

and Ella was going through a hard time making new transitions in her life. Multiple court custody hearings and questions what her mother was up to, began to weigh heavy on her physiological well being. My wife 

and I struggled for answers, but knew one thing we've always done with her, painted and used art to

express ourselves here at home.


    While painting with her, I would encourage her to think positive and be positive. I always informed her that none of it was her fault. I reminded her of all the good things in her life and I would let her know 

that everything will be alright. This gave her the opportunity to freely express herself whenever and

however she wanted to on canvas. This helped my daughter and we begin to notice a difference in her

day to day life. Whenever she would get low, we painted. It wasn't long before I noticed a difference in

my personal day to day life as well. Art and painting saved our lives, it gave us the hope we desperately needed.


     So we decided to open a studio in our local community, where we could possibly help other children

express themselves the same way… so here we are!


  Unfortunately, 2018 will make seven consecutive years we will return to the court system and fight for

her freedom and well being. We desire everyone to know there's easier ways to work out parental roles

besides resorting to the court system. The ones whom suffer are the young innocent hearts during these

type's of mud fights.

     Do whats right by your kids and strive for better resolutions. Custody battles, when compared to

addiction, can be just as harmful to young children. If you find yourself in similar situations, please, we encourage you to reach out to us. Bring those young ones into our "worry free zone" art studio, let's paint, let's free our souls together.

       We hope you might ponder to yourselves and find intellectual views from the beauty within art as

we do. We do our best to spread "positive vibes" to all! Keeping art alive in the modern world is a struggle

and we are dedicated to support all who enjoy, appreciate and respect free art in today’s world. We are

always open to any ideas, suggestions and any request, more importantly our doors are always open!


        We encourage you to contact us with any inquires.



                                                                                                Much Love & Peace,

                                                                                   Ellyonna Marie & Ryan Combs                                         


                                                "l'art pour l'art"


1105 Central Ave.

Studio # 102

Middletown, Ohio 45044 


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