Video Workshops (Self Pace)

Video Workshops (Self Pace)


(Video download ONLY. Aromatherapy Paint Kit SOLD seperately) 

Work at your own pace while we teach you how to mix essential oils with your paint and create a beautiful picture on canvas ( STEP BY STEP, WORK AT OWN PACE VIDEO DOWNLOAD, 24/7 VIRTUAL ASSISTANCE FOR EASY QUESTION ANSWERING AND LOTS OF POSITIVE BLESSINGS FOR 2 PAINTINGS). This is the perfect idea for relaxing after a long week, boosting energy for the weekend or to enjoy feeling more centered. We do a wide range of Aromatherapy themes. Immune boosting, fatigue/detoxify, relaxation, energy, etc....(AROMATHERAPY PAINT KIT MUST BE PURCHASED SEPERATELY) Please Contact us with the video in which you are interested. We wills send you the link seperately.

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